Anna Zacharoff
The Devil's Chemise

Opening August 02, 2020, from 12-6PM
*Reading excerpts from John Newberry’s “A Little Pretty Pocket-Book” (1744) at 3PM and 5PM*

On view August 02 – August 21, 2020
Thursday-Friday, 12-4PM
Saturday, 1-5PM

I have been peeling this potato for a while now and I’m not sure what’s left. I know the nourishment is in the skin, but that was what was peeled away first after washing. What’s left after hours of peeling? The first published book for children, juxtapositions I don’t believe in, a construction to hide behind. Was it going to become a potato stamp or dinner? I will peel another one to see if maybe something else is hiding in a random root under the nourishment, behind the starch, covered in potato. I will count to ten so whatever is there has a fair chance of hiding. 1 ,2, 3....10 let’s DIG.

Drawing by George Rippon