"I wanted to tell you..."
Digital series with Loretta Fahrenholz, ember b Moss, Lotte Meret, Simon Speiser and Sylbee Kim

December 18, 2020 - January 1, 2021

Ashley is excited to announce 'I wanted to tell you,' a two-week digital series that features works by Loretta Fahrenholz, ember b Moss, Lotte Meret, Simon Speiser, and Sylbee Kim, artists with diverse time-based practices, which each uniquely investigate embodiment and infrastructure—two themes that have come under particular pressure in a year marked by isolation, remoteness, and domestication. The aim is to provide a generous offering of art and resources in a time that will be even more painfully marked by these very themes that have characterized 2020—hoping to find new, pervasive themes and moments for optimism and networks of care.

Each video piece will be presented via a distinct newsletter and featured online for three days. Each artist has been invited to show an earlier work and to provide new contexts for its reading—be it texts, music, videos, podcasts, etc., that were chosen specifically by each artist, in relation to their work on view and in relation to the themes of this presentation.

As we created this program with our already existing community in mind, our digital series will be sent out through our usual mailing list. If you haven't subscribed yet, please subscribe via our contact page.