Studio Sunday #4
Potential Libraries
Sunday, May 21 3PM

Potential Libraries: Six Propositions for an Open Discussion

From the desktop of John Holten come six propositions circling around his on-going project ‘Potential Library’. These propositions will look at the book as a site of potential, ranging from Mallarmé to Siegelaub to questions of fiction creation and literary verisimilitude in an age of disputed cultural appropriation. Taking the form of something between a lecture and a performance, the central direction of the session will be an open and relaxed discussion revolving around the connected practices of reading, writing, editing and publishing – all within a contemporary art setting.

John Holten is an artist, writer and publisher. His two novels The Readymades (2011) and Oslo, Norway (2015) were published by Broken Dimanche Press, which he co-founded in 2009.

Studio Sunday is conceived as an intimate setting for an evening of exchange, in which to share ideas, discuss themes in contemporary art, and encourage mutual familiarity between the many artists and thinkers working in Berlin. The semi-privacy of ateliers, amongst various works in progress, provides an intimate setting for dialogue and a casual yet critical environment for productive sharing. The collaborative reading and discussion is in keeping with the community based and non-authoritative ethos of the series.