Soft Politics
When The Hunger Starts - Project Space Festival Berlin

Bitsy Knox,
Kiani Del Valle,
Sunny Pfalzer,
Esben Weile Kjær

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

curated by Kate Brown, Stephanie Holl-Trieu, and Lauryn Youden

Oranienplatz is a public space of polyphonic history. Despite its role in political issues that ensnare the city, it remains open to connotation and un-monumental; we pass through. How do we locate ourselves in this kind of transient state; how do we anchor ourselves within this landscape? Typically, we are a witness. There is a soft power, a non-coercive weapon that guides our gaze. We are interpellated by this, we watch collectively. We are always, already political. Our being in this world is always a public affair, because we are among others.

The performance Soft Politics proposes a practice of dwelling in discordance and speaking with many voices. Our voices aim not to erase or cancel, but to commit to each other, and to find ruptures in the steely tissue binding our systems of value through poetic action

INTERVIEW: Project Space Festival 2019 - Eine sehnsüchtige Begegnung mit feministischem Raum | Teil 2: GOMO, COVEN & Ashley Berlin