Alex Heilbron (CAN)
SCENT DESCRIPTION for a young woman

Opening April 27, 2017 6–10PM
On view April 28–May 20, 2017

Pressing downwards, a puff of perfume, pumps out a wavy line. Cartoon stink lines, but detoxifying, radiating upward, always towards the light, entering the world, or ending it.
Nova (time passes)…
Personal, inter, intrapersonal with a
and a feedback loop. A suite of fans oscillates. Airborne liquid solidifies. Paint dries.
A fruity floral scent, the smallest particles, pigments, spread with hair onto all-natural fibers wrapped around a wooden support. Then I fill the tub halfway, then riding with my surfboard, surfboard, surfboard, graining on that wood, graining, graining on that wood. A misunderstanding. She misheard. She thought it was grinding, which I guess means the same thing, but only after we look it up, in our palms. Grinding a pigment into synthetic substance transforms into fat, oil, and fuel, E.
These symbols are notes. Not the flavor, but a banana itself, for example, is an excellent source of potassium. K is a radioisotope atom. Within all of us, it creates a surplus of energy E that creates a new particle, or, aerially transfers this energy to one of its electrons, e. Me.
The music’s volume up too high, and the lights are on ‘off’. Nightlife, life at night happens while the rest of us sleep with a night light. The hum of the fan, a white noise machine, is also so soothing, and reminds us of being in the womb. The bed is metonymic with the womb. Every night, we crawl into these warm, dark, supple spaces and pull fabric over our heads. One eye peeking out. The other looking deep into...
Light leaks.
Rapid Eye Movement.
That’s why we have two.

Text: Jenny Gagalka

Studio Sunday #3: Reading with KLARA KAYSER: The End of the World, Detoxification and Farming in the 17th Century
Competence+ Quality = safety

Sunday, April 30 2-4PM

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