Inside the Lacuna by Simon Speiser [pdf]

The extension of a body begins with a mutual act of balancing out the new companion. Feeling and being felt, sensing its gaze and staring back, reacting and conducting, a beautiful maze of getting to know each other, valuing mass and volume, function and structure. A dance with the other that forms a new state of being. A sensation of devotion or rather an experience of merging and sharing the lead.

Weight is a unique sensation that tells you a lot about the other and affects the way you move and use your body, gliding along the cut wavy surface. Giving you the chance of finding the balanced space between the cells and float inside the lacuna. It is the weight, as the physical sum of a body, that lubricates the path for a perfect glide.

With the steady spread of crystallization, a certain calmness comes into the hasty world of moving beings. Glee and trust are what overcome most living souls as they inhale and touch the crystal crust and its spreading vapor. It’s gorgeous to see the frozen smiling faces shimmering through the thick slates of crystallized turf, ice-wrapped trees and houses, as well as the still moving beings looping in graceful jumps of joy, trapped in the present moment. All detached from continuous time.

– excerpt of Inside the Lacuna by Simon Speiser 

Simon Speiser is a Berlin-based artist whose work encompasses experimental narratives at the intersection of art and science fiction. His 2014 work Inside the Lacuna and an accompanying essay of the same name is a meditative work driven by a curiosity to explore emotion over plot, narrative, or the geographic. Though still grounded in the societal and the political, it speaks to these spaces from a purely corporeal sensibility.